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The Park at the Park. In 1193 we got another entrance into the Guinness Book of World Records for our creating a full size amusement Steam Park in the famous Peter Petz Style, which allow our clients , we speak about Parks, Shopping Malls, Zoos, Festivals, Christmas Markets or Fairs. to present an authentic historic and Victorian scenery environment and installation, by presenting all well known variations of rides, slides, shows and other old time showman attractions all built in a State of the Art technique with the charm or high class Family Entertainments. Itę s a pleasure for all.


1. Peter Petz Mini Park 1886

This is a small park, perfect for zoos, restaurants, sight seeing points, piers and beaches.citymarkets or Malls
To operate the unit there is the need for only one person to operate.
Area required: 25 x 25 m (625 square meter)

The Peter Petz Mini Park comes with following rides and equipments.
one Lafayette Carousel, Opt. B, diameter 3 m, with additional pre-roofing trailer mounted 12 pers.
one Mini Ferrier Wheel, with 4 gondolas trailer mounted 8 pers.
one Mini Steam Ship Trailer mounted 6 pers.
one cashier box and one popcorn machine
24 fences and 4 laterns
one entrance equipment with brass circus lamps
EURO 130 500,--

2. Peter Petz' Nostalgic Steam Park 1886

This phantastic scenery bring back the good old time for you and your visitors. The steam fair ground guarantee the best in family entertainment: and fine and friendly good old styled park atmosphere.

Our offer includes-

Two Cashier Boxes
-Lafayette-Carousel, d=3 m, roadmodel, for 12 persons
-2 Kiosks for redemption games etc.
-Steam Swing Boat, roadmodel, for 12 persons
-Nostalgic Steam Wheel, roadmodel, for 20 adults or 30 children
-Saxonia Steam Train, roadmodel, for 20 persons
-Miniature Steam Carousel, d= 4 m, roadmodel, for 25 persons
-Coinoperated Carousel, d= 1,88 m, Option I A or II A, 3 or 6 seats
-Pavillon, d= 10 m, with canopy for games or coffee shop
-Striker, hight 6 m, stationary
-36 Fences and circus laterns
-two advertising pillar
-entrance gate with transparent
The capacity is about 2200 persons per hour

EURO 271.000,--

3. Peter Petz' Nostalgic Steam Park 1886 & Carousel Bar &


Enlarge your Nostalgic Steam Park (as descriped No. 1) and get great hospitality beside the entertainment for your audience with the world's largest Carousel Bar & Restaurant, trailermounted, for 120 guests, reg. in the Guiness Book of World Records.

- Peter Petz Nostalgic Steam Park 1886
- Carousel Bar & Restaurant, transportable
- add. 50 fences and 12 circus lamps
EURO 500 000.-

4.Nostalgic Steam Park 1893 & Grand O'Steam Doubledecker


The Nostalgic Steam Park 1893 plus the Grand O'Steam Carousel which is registered in the Guiness Book of Word Records, trailer mounted, two-storey for 84 persons. The Grand O' Steam Carousel has a large steam engine in the middle center, the audience is riding around

The capacity for this park is 3.880 per hour and 31.040 per day

- Peter Petz Nostalgic Steam Park 1886
- Grand O' Steam Double decker Carousel
- add. 50 fences and 12 circus laterns
EUR 557.30o.-

Winter Fest New for 2003

5. Peter Petz' Nostalgic Steam Park 1893 + Grand O'Steam Carousel
& Carousel Bar & Restaurant

Perfect solution for entertainment, food and fun

Our offer includes

- one Peter Petz Nostalgic Steam Park 1893
- oneGrand O'Steam Doubledecker Carousel
- oneCarousel Bar & Restaurant and we
- add. 50 fences and 12 circus lamps
EURO 710 700.-

Kids Millennium Festival Garden. 100 Years Teddy Bear Festival


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